SILICONE POINTS | Twister Big Silicone Polisher

Big Silicone Points


  • Two length way incisions prevent the points from heating up and soften the polishing touch.
  • Wear occurs evenly and slowly and exceptional polishing power.
  • Eight varieties available.
  • Unrivalled cost performance.
*The bigger the number, the smaller the grain.
Packing Polish Color Usage
C-2 Coarse Black Lab use Composite
C-3 Gray Acrylic
M-1 Medium Dark Brown Amalgam,Precious Alloys
M-2/M-2B Brown Lab use Composite
M-3 Light Brown Acrylic
F-2 Fine Green Lab use Composite
F-3 Light Green Acrylic
Speed MAX15,000rpm
Packing 10pcs/Box 100pcs/Box