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Yamahachi Dental MFG., Co.

100 million teeth are produced and sold every year! Well-known for “the world’s hardest artificial teeth”, Yamahachi Dental is a dental material manufacturer producing all the materials and equipments necessary for dentistry and dental technicians and constantly developing around the world. For more than 50 years after its founding, it has persisted in research and development and owned the outstanding technologies and quality, including the implanted teeth recently launched and other patented technologies. By virtue of the complete sales network, it provides the high-quality dental materials for Japan and more than 70 other countries around the world, leading the continuous progress of dentistry.

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Our Strengths

The production and sales amount of our artificial teeth rank No.1 in Japan!We are the second largest dental materials manufacturer in ther world.

For more than 50 years after its founding, Yamahachi Dental has been engaging in research and development, and supplied the high-quality dental materials to more than 70 countries. It provides a large variety of products including artificial teeth (resin teeth), implanted teeth and related dental apparatuses. Among them, it realizes the annual production and sales of 100 million artificial teeth, taking a 30% market share and ranking No.1 in Japan. It takes the second market share in the world and receives the strong supports from customers in Japan and abroad.

Own a lot of patented technologies and the world’s highest quality

Our largest strength is to own a lot of patented technologies and high quality. Thanks to our unremitting efforts and researches, we have already won the Encouragement Award from Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Agency, the Encouragement Award from the Director-General of the Science and Technology Agency, Certification as Aichi Brand Company, and Letter of Appreciation from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, etc.

High technical power and high quality

Provide more comfortable dental prosthesis for you with the world's largest artificial teeth

Our artificial teeth are famous for their hardness. The Vickers hardness is 45. The hardness is 1.5~2 times than the hardness of the artificial teeth regularly marketed in the world, so they are far better than regular artificial teeth. Without doubt, the teeth at such hardness are still poorer than natural teeth. However, the world’s hardest artificial teeth are very durable. The original molds can be preserved for a long time, so patients can enjoy the conformable false teeth for a long time, which is widely welcomed by them.

Scene of inspection

Titanium implanted teeth newly developed with patented technology

After we achieved the success in the artificial teeth, we are now developing the implanted teeth through all efforts. Our new “μ-ONE HA implanted teeth” are our confident work that we develop with the sputtering technology and have obtained the patent. Through applying a film of 1~2μm solid hydroxylapatite (HA) crystal to the surface of fixing device (embedded in maxilla during surgery) for titanium implanted teeth, the durability is considerably improved. Moreover, it can allow the rapid growth of bones so as to help improve the QOL of patients.

µ-ONE HA implanted teeth