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Yamahachi Dental MFG., Co.

100 million teeth are produced and sold every year! Well-known for “the world’s hardest artificial teeth”, Yamahachi Dental is a dental material manufacturer producing all the materials and equipments necessary for dentistry and dental technicians and constantly developing around the world. For more than 50 years after its founding, it has persisted in research and development and owned the outstanding technologies and quality, including the implanted teeth recently launched and other patented technologies. By virtue of the complete sales network, it provides the high-quality dental materials for Japan and more than 70 other countries around the world, leading the continuous progress of dentistry.

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Corporation Information

Corporate Message

Yamahachi Dental is an international manufacturer to produce all materials required by dentistry and dental technicians. Through the continuous research and development of “the highest quality in the world” and by virtue of outstanding technology and quality and complete sales network, it has provided dental materials for over 70 countries in the world and led the constant development of dentistry. In order to realize the “healthy and longevity society” in the ageing countries, it is extremely important to provide the “pleasant diet life”. Taking this as our mission, we spare no effort to develop false teeth and implanted teeth (artificial tooth root) for better chewing, and work hard to welcome challenges every day.

Corporate Profile

Headquarter Yamahachi Dental MFG., Co.(
Date of Founding November 1958
Registered Capital 30 million Yen
Representative President ツ黴€Kimio Toyama
TEL 0533-57-7121
Domestic Branch Tokyo Office
Foreign Branch Beijing Operation Office, Shanghai Operation Office, Suzhou Operation Office, Guangzhou Operation Office
Associated Company Yamahachi Dental (Changshu) MFG., Co.
Scope of Business Production and sale of dental materials (import & export)
Certification ■ISO9001, ISO13485
Headquarter Office BuildingCompany Employees

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